Port Captain Report October 2018

I will be checking and billing any boat that is on the grounds for winter storage in the first two weeks of November. I take pictures of all the boats on the grounds at the end of year. If your boat is on the grounds when I check you will be billed for the total winter storage. There will be no prorating after EYC has billed.

Everyone that is keeping a boats (or boats) on the grounds, please be sure that your name and OR numbers are on the trailer as this helps in the checking of boats. Also please orient boats in the center island facing west and those along the fence facing east.

When the lake drains, we will need to remove the old broken parts of C Dock and we will be driving piles for the youth dock. So please do not park boats on the area by the fuel tank as we need to get at the piles that are stored there when the driving starts.

 When we receive the hardware for the new docks this winter, then the real fun will start. Hope to see you at a work party then!