Port Captain Report February 2018

We have had little rain this year, and at this point are below the curve. Fortunately, the best rainfall to fill the lake comes in February, March, and April. It doesn't hurt to start those rain dances to get things going. There is very little snow in the mountain, and while we do not use snow melt to fill the lake, it is possible that the Army Corps of Engineers may draw on Fern Ridge to replace the water they usually get from Detroit Lake which is closed this year, so perhaps a snow dance is a good idea, too.

As you probably have already heard, it is time to get your Moorage Requests made for 2018. This year it is all online. Please see the email sent earlier this week or the article below for more details. Your moorage requests are due by the March 18. If you have any questions or are unable to register online, please contact me

You may wish to check your traps and covers. I know that my cover had pealed back about 3 feet—and it was on the lee side of the boat. So check your covers and try not to be depressed this spring if you go to launch your boat and find it looks like it sunk on shore and the mosquitoes have turn it into their private nursery, or discover the mold is so thick that you might need to fill out an EPA form for destruction of a habitat. Good luck!