Port Captain Report April 2018

Looks like we are going to have another good water year. The Army Corps of Engineers has not open the gate this year and we are a little less than a foot above the curve and about a foot below having full pool. We are at about the same place as last year at this time. With a new storm hitting last weekend, things are looking good. The new D Dock is looking good, too. Many thanks to all the people that helped with assembly, floating, and mounting of hoops and fingers. 

Moorage has been assigned and bills will soon be arriving. You can find lists of names and moorage spots on the Port Captain Board by the Yot Pot. These are up-to-date as of the April 2. The website map is also current through the end of last month. Members are changing, moving, or adding new boats at a fast clip, so be patient if your requests are not immediately reflected. I will post a new moorage hard copy at the end of April. If you would like to move to a spot that you think is open, please send a request by the moorage request page on the website and I will contact you if it is open.

Please remember that if you talk to me about moorage at the club and I ask you to send me an email about that conversation, nothing is official until I receive that email. I do not have my computer and database with me, and the database need to be updated before it becomes a permanent record. If you don’t send that email, I may not remember when someone else asks me for that same spot. You can also make requests on the website, as they are sent to my email.

Moorage billing is with our bookkeeper Jo Walder. If you have moorage billing issues please contact me before contacting Jo. She is only doing what I ask her to do. For service charges or other account issues, please read and understand the billing process as explained in the Member Handbook before contacting Jo.

For those with wet moorage, be aware that on the new docks and fingers we put the slips back any way we could, and things may look different. The new system will be ODD numbers on the left and EVEN numbers on the right for B, D, E docks. The larger the number, the deeper the slip will be in the lake. Docks A and C will use the same system that they have now.

Also, Docks A and B will lose one slip as I am changing the 1-2 slip to just 1 as you can only get one boat in that spot. I do not fully understand whose idea it was to make those 2 slips into a place for 4 boats.

Once these slips are renumbered, I will need to change the database to reflect the current moorage with the new slip numbers, update the online moorage map, and update the listings and map on the Yot Pot bulletin board. Again, please be patient as these changes will take time.