Port Captain Report May 2018

Memorial Day Regatta is coming up soon, and I would like to request that those with boats and trailers in the center parking area get them moved to the back row along the west fence. If you plan to put your boat in before the regatta, there is no need to move it beforehand. But we do need the center island to be clear before the regatta to welcome our visiting sailors.

I would also like to request once more that as you use the floating docks, please check your hinge pins and hairpin clips. If a clip breaks, it can be replaced before the hinge pin falls out. The clips are a lot less expensive then the pins. Also look at the cross-members for the 3/8 hinge plates on Dock C. If they are cracked or missing, let Paul Stephens or myself know so we can address that issue before it becomes a problem. This year we are running a test on several fingers that have bolts and not hinge pin and hairpin clips. We will be watching to how well they hold up. 

Remember as we move into the summer months to keep the area around your boat clean and the grass cut. This also applies to member with boats and trailers on the back lot. I'd also request that everyone be on the look out for the little bits of trash that may blow into your area. If we all just pick up the little bit then no one has to pick up a lot. And it only takes a second for all of us to pick up one item and throw it away. There are new recycling standards in place now, so make sure you know what can and can't be recycles. And please take your empty cans and bottles home or to the recycle next to the clubhouse.

And, as always, check your OR registration and make sure you are up-to-date. We have several Lasers and other boats that do not have current registration stickers, or no registration stickers, so please check yours. As I have stated in the past, I will be making the rounds and checking boats for current OR stickers. If your registration is current, you will be losing that moorage.

All the ice machines should be in full operational order. If there is an issue, please let Paul Stephens, Rich Aaring, or myself know so we can address any problems.

And finally, trailer moorage holders, be sure that the club has a key to your door, that you have an operational 10 pound fire extinguisher (see Moorage Rule 16k, page 49 of the Member Handbook), and that there are no extension cords on the deck (see Moorage Rule 17e, page 50).

See you at the lake.