Port Captain Report August 2018

Here we are in August, and I'm happy to say that the lake is in great shape, just like last year.

We need to remove a section of Dock C and repair and increase the dock section length of 60 feet this fall. We are getting piles ready to drive. I just received the invoice for the pipe and am setting up a time to receive them at the club.

We also plan to clean up the lake bottom to help the last of the concrete floating dock hold together for several more years. This needs to be done before the lake drops. We cannot leave the section on the ramp, as we need to have it open to drive the piles for the new youth dock. There will be a work party on September 29, so please come out to help if you can.
As we are entering into the last of the sailing season do not forget to take care to the grounds around your boat and trailer. Looking around last weekend, there are several area that the weeds are getting a little tall. So check where you have your trailer stored and be sure that the weed are cleaned up. Right now, mowing is permitted between 8:00 pm and 10:00 am, but it's best to check with Lane Fire Authority daily to see what the current fire restrictions are.