Port Captain Report January 2019

It’s that time of year again. Time to get your Moorage Request Form filled out and submitted. The whole process happens online on the EYC website.

Moorage Requests are due by the March 17. If you did not pay for your wet moorage but only for storage last year you will see that your moorage spot will be row J on the moorage map on the website. If this is the case, you will need to complete a Moorage Request Form and you will be added to the list of new moorage for this year. If you are a new member requesting moorage you will need to file out a Moorage Request Form for New Moorage.

We have EYC stickers for all watercraft that do not need an OR number. This is our way of tracking the increasing number of kayaks, paddleboards, canoes, and rowing skiffs members are using at EYC. If you do not have OR numbers on your watercraft (paddleboards, kayaks, and/or canoes) then you will need to get an moorage sticker, which you can do by contacting me directly. The sticker is an EYC burgee with a number in the center which must be affixed to the watercraft on the bow on top or on the starboard side at the bow. If a watercraft does not have a moorage sticker and the Port Captain finds said watercraft he will lock it up and then you will need to deal with said Port Captain to retrieve your board, boat, or whatever. And remember that I may not be at the club when you would like to use your watercraft, so it might be a day or more before you can get access.

There is a red kayak in the rack in the space that belongs to the Gerot’s . It did have a paddle with it but did not have an EYC sticker on it. The paddle is now in my safe keeping. If you would like it back please contact me and get your sticker for the watercraft.

 Also in the newsletter is a notice about Trailer Space #30 that is now available.