Port Captain Report October 2019

As most of you are aware, we had a wind event a few weeks ago and several members found out why we have requirements standard for moorage lines, snubbers, and chafing gear. Please read Section 6 on pages 57-58 in the 2019 Member Handbook to review EYC moorage standards. Keep in mind that these are the minimum requirements, not the maximum.

I have had several phone calls about winter storage and how it works. Winter storage begins November 1 and ends March 31. I will be checking and billing any boat that is on the grounds for winter storage in the first two weeks of November.  When I check for on-the-ground boats I take pictures of all the boats that I find. if your boat is on the grounds when I check you will be billed for the total winger storage. There will be no prorating after EYC has billed. Check page 27 of the 2019 Member Handbook under Winter Storage Fee and page 51 section 8 of the bylaws for more information.

Everyone who is keeping their boats on the ground, please have your name and OR numbers on the trailer as this helps in the checking of boats. Also, please have the boats in the center island facing west and boats along the fence should be facing east (for those who may be directionally-challenged, the lake is east).