Port Captain Report February 2019

Not sure if you’ve noticed, but we have had some rain this year. At this point, we are above the fill curve. Our best rain months for filling the lake are February, March, and April, so let’s keep doing those rain dances as there is very little snow in the mountain. While it’s true that we do not use snow melt to fill the lake, we could end up with a early draw down like last year to replace the lost of upper lakes waters for the salmon migration.

Please get your moorage requests filled out. The deadline is March 17. Once again it’s all online on the club website. Please be aware of these aspects when making your requests.

  • You will need the password to access the Members Area. Check your Membership Card for that password, or contact the Club Manager for help.

  • Step 1 is where you can use a Google map of the yacht club to review your current moorage. Be aware that the map may not be 100% correct as it is a work in progress.

  • Step 2 where you make your moorage requests. Read the directions there carefully to determine which form to fill out.

    • Use the KEEP MOORAGE THE SAME form to keep your current moorage.

    • Use the REQUEST TO CHANGE MOORAGE form to tell me what you would like to change or what you would like to drop from last year’s moorage. If you sold your boat please use the text field to tell me who purchase your watercraft and if it will still be on the grounds.

    • Use the REQUEST FOR NEW MOORAGE button if your a new member or have a new boat. Please fill out the form completely with all the pertinent information.

 Also, be aware that if you did not pay for your wet moorage but only for storage last year you will see that your moorage spot will be row J. If this is the case you will need to complete KEEP MOORAGE THE SAME request and select the No radio button, and then use the REQUEST TO CHANGE MOORAGE form to change moorage and you will be added to the list of new moorage for this year. If you have questions about this, please contact me.

As last year, this year we will have EYC stickers for all watercraft that do not need an OR number. So if you do not have OR numbers on your watercraft (paddleboards, kayaks, and/or canoes) then you will need to contact me and get an moorage sticker. Please use the REQUEST FOR NEW MOORAGE form to get an EYC sticker. It will be an EYC burgee with a number in the center which should be affixed to the watercraft on the bow on top or on the starboard side at the bow. If a watercraft does not have a moorage sticker and the Port Captain finds this untagged watercraft, he will lock it up until you obtain the appropriate registration.

A final note to winter moorage holders: Please check your traps and covers. I know that my top cover had pealed off when I check it at the end of January. And it was on the lee side of the boat. So check your covers and do not be depressed this spring when you go to launch your boat and it look like it had sunk on shore and the mosquitoes have turn it into their private nursery, or the mold is so thick that you need to fill out an EPA form for destruction of a habitat.