Port Captain Report March 2019

You have a week or less to get your moorage request in. They are due by Sunday, March 17. I have only received 50% of the moorage request for the current year, which means that new members who are seeking moorage may be very pleased with their moorage assignments thanks to the fact that you neglected to get your moorage request in by the deadline.

At this writing, the fill for the lake is ahead of target. I am looking forward to a year with good water. We just need to get a little more rain and have the Army Corps of Engineers hold the water level to be in great shape. The long-range forecast is three inches of rain above average for March and one inch above average for April, so I see no reason to not believe that we will have full pool this year.

For those who have not yet sent in their 2019 moorage requests, please get that done by March 17. Go to the Members Area of the EYC website to register. You will need the Member Area password, which you can find on the Membership card that was sent to you after you paid your annual dues.

Use the Google map of the club to see moorage location of all the slips (this is being updated, and may or may not have 100% of the holders but this is a work in progress).

Once you know where your moorage is or where you’d like it to be, fill out the appropriate Moorage Request.

Click on KEEP MOORAGE THE SAME button to keep your current moorage. Fill this form and to keep all the same. If you want to keep almost everything the same and change one or more moorage selection or to drop a moorage then, you can also use this form, but note that you do want to make a change to one of your moorages.

Use the REQUEST TO CHANGE MOORAGE button to tell me what you would like to change or what you would like to drop from last year’s moorage. If you sold your boat please use the text field to tell me who purchase your watercraft and if it will still be on the grounds.

If you are a new member or have a new watercraft that needs moorage, click on the REQUEST FOR NEW MOORAGE button and fill out the form completely with all the pertinent information.