Port Captain Report April 2019

Moorage billing is now with EYC’s bookkeeper, Larisa Worthington and you have probably received a statement by now. The list of names and moorage spots are on the Port Captain Board by the Yot Pot. These are up-to-date as of April 2. The website map is not yet updated, but will be soon. Members are changing, or moving, or adding new boat moorage at a fast clip. I will post a new moorage hard copy at the end of April. If you would like to move to a spot that you think is open, please send a request using the moorage request button on the website and I will post them in my database and contact you if it is open.

If you talk to me about moorage at the club and I ask you to send me an email about that conversation, remember that your email is necessary to make any changes. I do not keep my computer and database with me, and the database needs to be updated before it becomes a permanent record. I may not remember when someone else asks me for that same spot. Again, go to the website and make a request for a moorage change.

If you have moorage billing issues, please contact me before Larisa. She is only doing what I ask her to do. For service charges and other issues, please read and understand the billing process that are stated in the Member Handbook (available online in the Members Area) before contacting Larisa.

Looks like we were going to have another good water year. The Army Corps of Engineers has opened the gate this year and we are just about at full pool thanks to a recent storm.

Please be aware that when reassembling the docks, we put the slips back any way we could as we had several people that did not understand the numbering system of the dock.

The new system will be ODD numbers on the LEFT and EVEN numbers on the right for B, D, E docks. That way the larger the number the deeper the slip will be in the lake. Docks A and C will use the same system that they have now.

But Docks A and B will lose one slip as I am changing the 1-2 slip to just 1 as you can only get one boat in those slips. I know this was to be done last year but I just ran out of time. I hope to get it done this year. Also Rob Moline has built a new paddle board rack which we hope to have installed in the next couple of weeks.

There is a lot to work that has to be done after the renumbering of the slips. We will change the database to reflect the current moorage with the new slip numbers and will renumber the slips on the EYC map posted on the board between the rest rooms. It will take some time, so please be patient.

Many thanks to all the people who are helping with the assembly of the new youth dock. We hope to be flipping the dock sections and floating them into place the weekend of April 13.

Trailer Moorage holders, please remember EYC Ground Rule 17 which requires at least one 10-lb fire extinguisher and a smoke detector in each trailer. Both must be in good working order. Please note that the rule also states that if not in compliance, the power shall be turned off to that trailer.

Also note that rule 17e which says that no electrical wiring will be allowed on decks. Extension cords are not permissible for permanent use. It has been noted by several members of the trailer committee that there has been an infringement of this rule. If you have items on your deck, they need to plugged directly into a receptacle that is installed in your trailer and not into an extension cord.