Port Captain Report June 2019

Just a reminder to all trailer moorage holders to make sure that a copy of your keys are with the emergency keys box that Rich Aaring keeps in his possession. Rich, two trailer committee members, and I have finished the trailer walk-through to make sure that each trailer has a 10lb Fire extinguisher and working smoke alarm (see moorage rule 17, page 55 in the 2019 Member Handbook) and that no extension cords are inappropriately on trailer decks. (moorage rule 17.e). Trailer committee members Ken Martinson and Randy Smith were also checking that all the trailers had backflow preventers on the water systems and checking the general conditions of the trailers. They will be creating a report of the Board of their findings and contacting any owners with noted issues.

I believe I have taken care of all the issues with moorage but if I have missed any, please contact me. Moorage on the moorage board at the Yot Pot will be updated June 22, so please check after that date. Also be aware that I will be out checking for current OR registration on the Laser rack as we are receiving many requests for slips by the water. If you do not have current OR on your watercraft it will be moved to the new back rack. I am doing this as you are not using you watercraft and are using a slip of high value (see moorage rule 11:a). So if you do not wish to lose your Laser rack moorage, then get current OR numbers ASAP. I have had several people send me scans of the temporary registration and that will work. At this time there are several watercraft without current registration in the rack.

For all members with wet moorage you will see that there are new numbers that do not coincide with the map on the moorage board. This will be changing and is the reason that the last updated moorage posting is taking longer than normal. I will be fixing all of the current moorage locations with the new numbering system. I would like to thank Gary Powell for his hard work renumbering all of the docks.

The new numbering system includes the following changes:

Dock A 1-9

Dock B 1-19
Slip 1 is on the left and Slip 2 is on the right closest to shore (old 19), then Slip 3 on the left (old 2) and Slight 4 on the right (old 18), and so son until you get to Slip 19 on the end of the dock.

Dock C numbers did not change

Dock D
Slip 1 on the left and Slip 2 on the right (old 28), then Slip 3 on the left (old 2) and Slip 4 on the right (old 27)

Dock E same as Dock D but with only 24 slips

Dock F numbers did not change.

This system will allow members to know that the higher the number, the deeper and further out the moorage is located.

The back Laser rack has a new numbering system which includes the addition of the new rack that Russ Peterson built last year. I would also like the give a shout out to Russ for the new bumpers that he is building and installing on the Youth dock.

As you are using your boat and are moored on the docks, please look at the hoops, pins, hinges, and tie-bars for the hinges and if you see cracks or other item that need attention please take care of them. On C dock, look under the mats that cover the hinge points and the small hinges.  If it is above your skill level, please contact Paul Stephens, or you can email me and I will forward to Paul.

It is time to move any boats from the center island in the parking area. Last weekend there were several boats. Please move to ROW J along the fence. This is for car parking and not boat storage as we are well into the sailing season. I will be doing the walk around for moorage soon, so please have your boats in their correct summer moorage as this makes my job a little easier.

The last piece of news is that the club has building one more Paddle board/Kayak rack to accomodate these popular watercraft.

Happy Sailing! Hope to see you at the club.