Port Captain Report June 2017

As you are using your boat this season, please look at the hoops, hinge pins, hinges, and tie-bars for the hinges and if you see cracks or other item that need attention please take care of them. On C and D dock look under the mats that cover the hinge points and the small hinges. 

If making repairs is above your skill or comfort level, please contact John Mahoney or Paul Stephens, or you can email me and I will forward your message to John or Paul.

Port Captain Report May 2017

We have regattas coming up which means it's time for everyone to get their boats out of the center parking area. If you are not planning to put your boat in the next couple of weekends, please move it to the back row along the fence on the west side of the grounds. This will open up the center parking area and give the club a more yacht-friendly look.