Salty's Winter Travelogue, Part 1

by Salty Green

Ahoy! Forty years ago my old friend Sam Rehnborg took three years off, bought an 84-foot ketch and with a hired crew sailed around the world. One of his goals was to document climate, culture, fish, and the oceans.

Since that time I have bugged him about not asking me along for at least a segment of that epic trip. Two years ago he called to tell me he was going to do it again to try and see the changes that have occurred since the mid-70’s and asked “Would I like to jump on for a leg?”

“Hell, yes!” I replied, and since then have watched the journey of Sam’s 78 foot cutter Double X from her leaving Majorca, crossing the Atlantic, spending time in the Grenadines, and finally sitting in the yard in Newport Beach. On July 21 she sailed under the Golden Gate and has since visited the Marquesas, the Tuamotus, and currently sits at anchor in Cooks Bay, Moorea.

When I left that part of the world more than twenty years ago I wasn’t sure I would ever return, but secretly hoped I might some day. And it looks like I might be heading back there sometime soon.

Sam has been blogging his trip and the changes over time have been very disturbing. Highly unusual temperature changes in the water are making permanent changes. The once plentiful fish and the reefs, once vivid with color and plentiful, are becoming history.

Nonetheless, those sad reports have not dampened my enthusiasm and I can’t wait to jump on that gorgeous sailing machine.

To be continued. . .

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