The sailing season begins early in April and usually lasts until late September, though it does depend on how full the lake is. EYC offers many sailboat cruising and racing opportunities for members and guests. 

You can see the entire racing schedule on the EYC calendar and check on sailing conditions at the EYC weather station.


Thursdays are dedicated to our Thursday multi-fleet racing series. This is organized by a Joint Race Committee (JRC) which has representatives from EYC and nearby Triton Yacht Club. The JRC website includes sailing instructions, raw and computed results, online registration access, and other pertinent information.

Each Thursday, there is a single race on a one-mile Olympic Circle with separate starts for each of five fleets. The fleets typically include Thistles and Centerboards, Santana 20s, Wavelength 24s, PHRFs, and MultiHulls. After the boats are put away, racers enjoy buck-a-burgers and plenty of lively post-race conversation.

The season is divided into three approximately equal parts: Spring, Summer, and Fall. It's a cooperative effort with each skipper and crew taking a turn at race committee or rescue boat.

Racers need to be a member of either EYC or TYC to participate. Visit the JRC website for more information on Thursday night racing. It's also important to register with the JRC in order to be scored.


Wednesdays are dedicated to Lidos and Lasers. These fleets usually run several races on short courses set between EYC and the reservoir's dam. Typically the participants are Lido 14s and Lasers, but any dinghy sailor is welcome to join the fun.

The Lido 14 Fleet administers the racing. Fleet members, Laser sailors, or friends serve on Race Committee. For more information, see the Lido 14 Fleet 81 webpage.


Tuesdays are casual fun races, sometimes known as ‘beer-can racing’. Racing is a very loose term, however. Boats of all sizes start near the EYC docks at at the blowing of a conch shell (about 7:00 pm), sail around the Olympic Circle until another sound signal is given, and then retrace the outbound course. Ideally (if no one sandbags and wind conditions cooperate) all participants meet at the starting/finish line. There is no scoring and minimal rules, and it's a lot of fun.

Sign up for a Tuesday Fun Race ride by visiting the Crew Finder page.

Want to crew? Need Crew?

If you're looking for a boat to sail on or if you're a skipper who needs a few more crew members, please use the Crew Finder and we'll do our best to help you find each other during the sailing season.

EYC is also the home for sailing teams from the University of Oregon and Oregon State University.

There’s more going on at EYC than sailboat racing! Many members have power boats and enjoy cruising the 20 square miles of Fern Ridge. Others members paddleboard, kayak, canoe, and row, or just relax on the shore and enjoy the view.